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Dangote Group has created an Investor Relations Portal. The portal is part of strategies designed to serve investors better by keeping them abreast of developments in the Group. The new portal helps the Group form closer bond with investors, shareholders and other stakeholders. As the basic objective of investors is to maximise returns, the portal, an integral aspect of the Investor relations unit, keeps them fully informed on their investments in various companies within the Group.
It is a wealth-building vehicle that serves as a one-stop information dissemination medium for investors on the activities of the Group, subsidiaries and units. To make it more attractive to a wider audience, other current and relevant issues that affect investors shall be discussed.
Features of the portal include a forum for investors, investor guide, growth partners, growth drivers, investor education series, stock market update and answers to frequently asked questions. Investor Relations portal also includes a global investment calendar and an investment guide for growing people.
Specifically, through the portal, the Investor Relations unit also informs and educates investors. It establishes close relationship with analysts, investors, financial regulators and a larger audience. The close bonding helps in managing their expectations, correcting their misconceptions and holding of regular interactions with leaders of shareholder associations.
The Investor Relations portal contains information on opportunities for investors, including where and when to invest, general stock focus/analysis, sectoral and stock market analysis, money market reports, real estate reports, economic reports and information on other aspects include bank products, investors forum among others.
The need to create the interactive portal is in line with the definition of the National Investor Relations Institute (USA) that "Investor Relations is a strategic management responsibility that integrates finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance, to enable the most effective two-way communication between the Company, the financial community, and other constituencies, which ultimately contributes to company's securities achieving fair valuation.''
We are working on adopting a standard information flow chart which we hope will bring about a seamless flow of information between the head office (holding company) and the subsidiary companies on the one hand; and between the former and the numerous stakeholders on the other hand. Your contributions and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
You are welcome on board!

Ayeesha Aliyu
Investor Relations

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